Thursday, December 10, 2009

Alien-Killer Loves Younger Man!

Sigourney Weaver, at age 60, star of the Alien series and starring in the soon-to-be-released film Avatar, quoted in Esquire magazine, January 2010 issue, on her marriage to a man seven years younger:

I really liked Jim. But he was seven years younger than I was, so I was very surprised when he wanted to marry me so much. I had to lecture him: “I am older than you. I will be ahead of you for every huge milestone in life. I’m going to lose my eyesight earlier. I'm going to fall apart earlier. I'm going to be the pioneer in this couple. So don't ever give me any shit about being older than you.” When I finished, Jim was quiet. I probably scared him. That would have been the point for him to say, “You know, I’m probably not ready for this.” But he didn’t say that and we’ve been married for twenty-five years.

Sigourney in Esquire, 2001, at age 51:

Jim is several years younger than I am. He's forty-five; I'm fifty-one. We met in 1984, which was just the right time for me; I've always been the type to do things late. Whatever success I'd had in my career at that point was not enough. I wanted to make a home. He was young, but I decided to overlook that, and we got married right away. I've always teased him that I have to go through every major milestone first. Losing one's ability to read without glasses is a real pain in the neck. He used to tease me and hold cookbooks up from across the room. I'd say, "Just wait, because it's going to happen to you, too." And it's been very satisfying to watch him start using glasses.

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