Friday, October 28, 2011

Why I Love the Man I Love

And how it has nothing to do with age. 

  • He taught me to love dogs;
  • Every day, he teaches me (and this is often a struggle) to be more patient;
  • He eats my sour-cream-almond apple pie;
  • He asks for more apple pie;
  • He always makes the small world larger;
  • Watching a bird, a star, or a spider web, he can also make the large world small;
  • He sometimes uses spices named “elk rub” or “venison rub” on eggs;
  • He looks terrific in a suit;
  • He knows what’s happening in Kashmir;
  • He loves to dance;
  • When I ask for the 80th time, he turns the TV on mute to explain ­­– for the 80th time –what an onsides kick is;
  • He likes duckpin bowling;
  • He always knows where he’s going;
  • He wears a silver Hopi bracelet;
  • When he shot his first deer, he wanted not only to gut it, but to skin and butcher it himself, to know where the meat came from;
  • He did not want trophy photos of the dead deer but let his father take them anyway because dad was proud of son.
  • His sense of wonder has not diminished;
  • He lets me put my cold hands on his warm, bare skin;
  • He knows that angels can dance on the head of a pin, or to a Van Morrison song, or in a good single-malt, or in a well-turned phrase.


  1. That was just awesome.
    I can't stop reading your blogs. Your article in AARP brought a tear to my eye. I cry at weddings too. Isn't love great.
    Richard & Konnie from NM

  2. I wrote a similar blog posting recently about my dear boyfriend who is 14 years my senior. Thank you for sharing such a touching post!

  3. I seriously love this blog....My husband is 16 years younger than I and this post makes me want to write something similar for him. Thank you for posting, I'll be checking back soon!

  4. And I bet you were just getting started with naming reasons.

  5. You both are very inspiring! I read your article Michael, in AARP, while waiting for my eyes to dilate at my medical eye doctor's office. I have been with my boyfriend since January 5th of this year, and he is 12 years younger than I am. And we are still very much in love! Thank you so much for sharing your stories. I shall stick around and read lots more.

  6. Thank you so much for your blog. My husband and I are newly married and I was worried about our age difference (11 years older than him, he 23, I 34). Now I see that no matter the age, if two people are really committed, it can work. Thank you once again!

  7. I'm also "one of you." My husband (10 years younger) and I have been married 18 years, and we're more in love than ever. We are truly soulmates. I absolutely believe that God brought us together at the time that we were right for each other. Thank you both for this blog, showing the world that it's love that matters, not age!