Monday, September 17, 2012

We stumped the astrologist.

Last January, when Baltimore Style magazine published a self-interview we did with ourselves (that's redundant, isn't it?), an amateur astrologist contacted us. She was super-nice in her note (as she is, no doubt, in real life). Intrigued by our age difference, she wondered what the stars might have to say about why we got together. She asked our permission to char our astrological lives. Sure, we said, and sent her the information we had about our birth dates, times and places.

We heard back from her recently. Apparently, figuring out a 1964 Libra and a 1947 Sagittarius ain't easy.

"To be perfectly honest with you both," she wrote, "I can not make heads or tails of what I see."

Our charts, she told us, have spurred her to acquire more formal training in astrology so she might meet challenges like ours. So, one day we might hear from her again. I'd like that. My curiosity hasn't waned.

Or, perhaps there's another astrologist who would like to puzzle us out, to look into the heavens, and to see how our lives are arrayed.


  1. I saw your article in AARP, "The Best of Your LIfe," and tore the page out to keep the address of your blog. I have no idea how long the page has been kicking around on my desk; today I finally went to your blogspot.

    I really wonder what the astrologist found so puzzling. Did she say what it was that she didn´t understand? Why she couldn´t do the reading?

    I´m interested for reasons similar to yours. Thirteen years ago, I came to Spain to be with Antonio. I was born in 1944, he in 1961. You do the math: the same as you two. We live in the rural countryside outside a small town on the northern Galician coast. Together we work our (too large) garden, I tend the sheep and I´m wanting chickens. We have friends who will supply us but first we need the chicken coop.
    I write, paint, and make prints, as well as teaching in the university some 30 kilometers away. In about two weeks, my new book of poems will be out, trilingual Spanish / Galician / English. Antonio works in the family bar in town, looking all day long at a beautiful view of the bay and the beach.

    I think our lives are somewhat similar to yours. As they say in Spanish, "Enhorabuena!" to you and to us.

  2. Your last blog was September 2012. Where are you? I checked your site about 6 mo ago and thought not much of a new entry. Now, I am wondering if you guys are ok? ??

  3. Hello, Anonymous. Thanks for checking in with us. We're fine, in good health, happy ... and probably we are finding things in our lives that would fit this blog. Truth to tell, we've both had some other writing projects (the paying kind) that have taken priority. I think it's time for the two of us to share some wine and figure out whether we want to keep this a going concern or write a post saying that we've moved on.

    And we don't know which of our many Anonymi you are, but we hope you, too, are well.

    Regards... Michael and Sheri

  4. Wow, thanks for your quick response! Glad to hear all is well!! Life is good here in TN.
    I posted once.. after your AARP article, then continued to check back from time to time because I enjoyed your blog.
    If you decide to move on from the blog, I certainly understand. Best of luck with your writing projects. Getting paid .... yes, that would be a priority for me as well.

    And enjoying that wine with the one you love is a good thing. :)