Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The HimPlus roundup!

… in which your HimPlus host and hostess look around the world of older women and younger men and ask “What the–?”

Bonus points for a banana slug mixer: The Society of Single Professionals planned a “single cougars mixer” in Santa Cruz, Calif. according to a report on the San Jose Mercury-News website. Says the host, “We were having them all the time in the Bay area, but people were tired of having to drive (from Santa Cruz).” Coincidentally, Santa Cruz is also home of the college with the best mascot nickname ever, the UC-Santa Cruz Banana Slugs. Banana slugs are hermaphrodites that reproduce by exchanging sperm with other slugs …

They swap Jimmy Choos and jewelry, too: Having never watched “All My Children,” we missed the summer romance between Susan Lucci’s Erica Kane character and a boy toy. Erica Kane has apparently been married at least ten times, her daughter at least once. We know that about her daughter because Erica's new boyfriend used to be her son-in-law.

Pretty soon, they'll call it Cougar Nation: ABC premieres a comedy series called “Cougartown” on Sept. 23, 9:30 p.m. starring Courtney Cox. The title refers to a high school football team, but also (wink, wink) Cox's efforts to score with a younger man. Reports suggest the show was originally supposed to be about the aging process of an attractive woman, but the producers decided to add the younger man because, says producer Bill Lawrence, “it’s the zeitgeisty topic right now.” ABC advertised this show a lot during the NBA playoffs, I noticed. Timeouts were a constant barrage of Bud Light, Lexus cars, and cougars. Male fantasies every last one.

"Momma's gonna give you a little jump start": A Manhattan psychologist who sings country music, natch, has recorded a single called “Cougar Dream.” Listen here. As the man sings, "She's gonna get you."

Breakup sex: In tracking our HimPlus audience, we notice many people look at the site after Googling about that TV Land reality show The Cougar. The search strings include words such as "Stacey Anderson" and "Jimmy Heck" and "What are they doing now?" Well, we have a guess ...

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