Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mike 'n' Sheri, Baltimore, Md

We recently had occasion to visit Michael’s family in Tucson and decided on a place to stay nearby. We didn’t realize right away what it was; the rooms looked decent online, it was close to where his parents live, and it didn’t cost that much. Plus, it had a swimming pool.

The Voyager Resort turned out to be more than just the small motel where we stayed. It was a retirement community, complete with a huge contingent of Midwest AARPers in RVs and streets called Hummingbird or Mourning Dove or Roadrunner. Next to the RV park was a section of manufactured homes with tiny, tidy cactus gardens and wooden signs: John & Bobbi, Columbus, Neb…. Jim & Mary Ruth, Waukesha, Wisc.

But it also had not just one but three — three!!! — swimming pools and two hot good-sized hot tubs. It had a bar (yes, the bar closed at 9 or 10, but still….). And we loved it. What does that say about us? It’s no secret that some of those Midwest snowbirds were near my age (or maybe younger, truth be told). But it worries me a little that Michael grooved on the place. He’s getting so old!

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  1. I never get tired of reading you two! I hadn't checked the blog in awhile so enjoyed getting up to date. The new dog is real cute. I currently live in a late 1840s farmhouse with four other women and four dogs in Unionville PA -- Horse country. Y'all should come up and join me for a glass of Double Chocolate Stout at the Whip Tavern down the road. Or, if you're in Montana for the summer already eat an extra scoop of chocolate at the Big Dipper for me.