Sunday, February 13, 2011

Q & A

You have questions? We have (some)
We sometimes wonder: What questions do people really want to ask us about our age difference?

And over the past two years, we’ve answered most of them on the 100+ posts on this blog.
Q: How do you deal with the fact that the older woman will probably die well before the younger man?
A: Michael thinks about it a lot.
Q. What was it like to meet his/her parents?
A. A lot more stressful for Sheri than for Michael. And pretty stressful for Michael’s mom, at first.
Q. Does the older woman worry about being left for a younger woman?
A. Sometimes. See death question, above.
Q. How did you deal with not having children?
A. We are still dealing with it: Michael here….. Sheri here.
Q. In the beginning, did you think he was just a boytoy?
Q. Have you ever been mistaken for mother and son?
A. Yes
Q. What was the sex like and has it changed?
A. This is about as close to that as we’re ready to go.

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