Saturday, June 18, 2011

Agatha Christie: An essay assignment

"An archaeologist is the best husband a woman can have. The older she gets the more interested he is in her. "
– attributed to Agatha Christie

In your answer discuss one of the following:

1) Consider the analogy. If a husband is an archaelogist and his wife his subject, is she
a. a ruin
b. an unearthed jewel, albeit one that bears a centuries-old curse
c. a Sphinx

2) Can Christie’s argument also apply to a woman whose husband ages? If so, consider in light of the analogy as above.

3) In lieu of an archaelogist, is the next best spouse for an older or aging partner

a. an historian
b. a librarian
c. a pharmacist
d. choose another profession; be specific


  1. As an archaeologist married to another archaeologist (23 years my senior I might add!), I think Christie was being a tad sarcastic...we are a notoriously anti-social, book-absorbed lot of folks!

  2. Thanks, Expectant Runner, for your comment and for following the blog. One thing I neglected to mention in this post: Dame Agatha's hubby was an archaeologist. Perhaps when she made this comment she was flirting with him.