Sunday, February 8, 2009

Boy Toys in TV Land

The news we've all been awaiting: TV Land will premier in Fall 2009 a new reality dating show called THE COUGAR in which "an accomplished, beautiful and sexy woman hunts for love from a pool of eligible, younger men." Vivica A. Fox reports that she's excited to be the host for the "Cougar's quest for love" mostly because she gets to hang out with twenty young hunks under one roof.

I don't know who Vivica A. Fox is, so I'm probably not young enough to be a contestant on the show. But I do have this nagging concern.

Why weren't we hired to consult!?

In our vision of the first show, the woman explains that though she's still hot she might be too old for childbearing. Later, on Episode Four, the parents of the remaining boy toys come for a visit -- and one of the divorced Dads gets along with our Coug better than his son does! Episode six is when the boys meet the girls from the older woman's office who are as hot as the Coug but, like the boys, have read ALL the Harry Potter books. And what about the Coug's skinhead ex-husband who is just getting out of San Quentin!

More importantly, what's a word for "harem" when it's the woman who has her nightly pick of beautiful boys?

There isn't one. Take that as a challenge, dear readers.

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