Friday, February 6, 2009

YMs: What not to get your older woman for Valentine’s Day

1. Centrum Silver
(gave her a bottle once, in her X-mas stocking; Sheri didn’t feel the love)

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  1. Happy Valentine's Day, Sheri -

    Sending you this verse:

    Wildflower - She drinks in rains of opportunity through roots of success. Yet she searches for soils of devotion from another. Another who is miscellaneously planted amongst this vast field of similar specie; specie of beauty and color, but not all in strength. Strength to withstand the withering sun, bending of stern winds and reckless tromping of careless kinds; kinds that mindlessly shade what nature has sown. Sown for that someday, another might stand tall, proud and beautiful with her to reap all this earth has to offer them. In return they shall uniquely bless this land; the land and place, where she is a Wildflower.

    From a friend who admires your strength and individuality - may you both stand tall for many years to come.