Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Like a gray squirrel?

Cougar, a new reality dating show, starts on TVLand tomorrow night. You know this older woman/younger man thing is catching on when TVLand hypes the show on National Public Radio. (“All Things Considered is brought to you by Cougar starting tomorrow night on TVLand,” said my local WYPR announcer in Baltimore this afternoon.)

Really, how “real” is this show, in which 20 guys in their 20s compete for the affections of (read:
“sex with”) Stacey Anderson, a 40-year-old Arizona real estate agent with four kids? You be the decider. Stacey’s cast as a diva, a vixen, a blonde bombshell. The guys? bartenders, personal trainers, a pool boy, a Chicago cop, a surfer, an advertising consultant, a pair of twins. See them all here.  

The show’s message boards are full of complaints that the guys are “dorky,” “baby-faced,” “goofy-looking.” On the other hand, there’s this: “Such a delicious bunch of cubs.”

My favorite clip, from the advance promo on the show’s Web site: The twin cub on the left has just said to his brother: “Stacey’s like a gray squirrel I just wanna pounce on!”

Oh boy! Watch tomorrow, April 15, 10 p.m. EDT. After the pounce, it's sure to end in true love.

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