Sunday, April 26, 2009

Out of the Spotlight

Ashton Kutcher is making news for something other than being married to a woman 15 years older. He’s the first Twitterer to reach 1 million followers (up to 1.4 million when I checked today) and donated $100k to fight malaria. I'm a twitterer myself, (but not an @aplusk follower), but I scratch my head over Kutcher's recent post:

@Mazzant @mooneybooster@toojiggy @ryanposner that indy donald brown pick is big impac on addai's #s

Piling up Twitter followers is a great thing for a good cause. Mostly though, I’m glad to start reading about the twittering and stop reading all the tittering about his relationship with Demi Moore. 


  1. I follow @aplusk, but I can't say I know what that post means either! Are you following Larry King @kingsthings? He writes some interesting posts and uses Twitter as a journalist should.

  2. Hey Brianne,
    I'm still thinking about how journalists should use Twitter. One way is to use Twitter to tease stories and drive traffic to your news site -- Gwen Florio does a good job of this for the Missoulian. (see @gflorio). The ultimate news twitterers, of course, were those folks on the wing of the plane that went down in the Hudson, or people on the ferries that went to rescue them. But they weren't journalists. I'm thinking of getting all my reporting students on Twitter, send them out to cover an event, and see what they come up with. An experiment.