Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Great Car Debate

Even the kind of car you buy can be an issue in a Him-plus marriage

A few years ago we were looking for a new vehicle, one that would fit both us and the dogs. We had a 1988 beater pickup truck that we dearly loved but needed replacing.

Sheri: was remembering her days traveling around the country in a Chevy van back in 1971. Yes! A van! Perfect for dogs, traveling and an aging hippie. Still a counterculture statement.

Michael: was thinking about minivans and soccer moms. A van??!! OMG! Just shoot me now, before I get any older.

Michael’s favorite car: his rag-top Jeep, which he had to leave in Arizona when he moved to New England 20 years ago. His mid-life crisis, should he ever have one, will involve, I think, a rag-top Jeep.

Sheri’s favorite: still that Chevy van, with burlap interior, a spare tire strapped to the roof, bikes strapped to the front, a bed in the back with tie-dyed sheets.

What we settled on: a Honda Element —marketed to young outdoorsy men but driven more and more by people with graying hair. The perfect choice.

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