Friday, July 30, 2010

Stacey Anderson & Jimmy Heck, Down Under

GOOD MORNING, AUSTRALIA! We see by our Web traffic that TV-Land's big hit "The Cougar" has finally made it to your country. By now you know she chose Jimmy Heck, but you can't figure out: Did they actually get married in real life?

Heck no, is my guess. But who knows? Hundreds of our readers have Googled some version of "Are Jimmy Heck and Stacey Anderson married?" And, like us, they can't find out. We suspect that's because TV-Land doesn't want us to know the answer until it has shown this piece of age-gap fluff all over the world. Thus far, at various times, our blog has seen a spike in hits from South Africa, Denmark, Sweden and Slovenia, among other countries, after the last episode airs. Of them all, Australia – Crikey! –appears to have been the most Stacey-Jimmy obsessed.

Meanwhile, you can probably figure out for yourselves what happened.


  1. I have the inside line and they didn't work out unfortunately. The two twins (Adam & Grant) that competed on "The Cougar" are actually friends of mine. Whether it is a good show to be connected to or not is another question!

  2. Scott! You've answered a question hundreds and hundreds of people worldwide have wanted to know. And given that we know about your fine journalism education, we trust your sources. You don't suppose the twins would want to guest blog here some day? We'd love to hear from them.

  3. Here's my message to Ms. Stacy Anderson and Mr.
    Jimmy Heck...don't go looking for love, let it find you!!

  4. I guess at least it boosted his modelling and acting career?